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Strawberry Island

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Jean Skelland  -  (Female Personality)

Stan and his wife Jean were always involved in the activities at SIBC both in boating and social matters and, as far as Stan was concerned, on Committee Management duties in spite of the added complexities of shift work.

Sadly Jean developed a serious illness and, for a considerable time, she was confined to a wheelchair but tragically she died and the club lost a most friendly and very pleasant lady member who bore her illness with great fortitude.

Her husband Stan has always played a principle part in the Club’s Awards and he and his family felt that the commemorative trophy they presented should reflect Jean’s very pleasant Female Personality.

Phil Hancock    -   (Public Spirit – compliment to Jean Skelland Award)

Phil Hancock was a young and energetic Member who actively took part in the early opening up of the Island and the hacking down of overgrown vegetation that bore no resemblance to the levelled grass areas we see today.

Phil was a bachelor who died very unexpectedly at the tender age of 25 and, in view of his involvement with developing SIBC, his mother gave the Rose Bowl to preserve his memory at the club.

This award is issued to the male individual who has made the biggest contribution to the Island over the year.

Commodore Hart    -   (Couple Greatly Assisting SIBC)

During Derek’s years as commodore both he and his wife June saw the value of joint involvement by both partners.

Not only in contributing to boating activities at the Island but also in participating and encouraging joint cruises, taking on administrative jobs, organising social activities, galley and clubhouse activities and the many other tasks that SIBC requires in order to continue making it so enjoyable.

Longest Tow   -   (Helping Hand)

Some years ago this was a joke type aware, but as time moved on it has become a named trophy. Each year members are nominated for the award and it is given to the boat giving the longest tow.

Frosty Cup   -   (Most Active Small Boat up to 35ft)

This award was donated by Doug and Meriel Dalton. This couple had a small wooden boat that became famous for Doug’s trip to York. On the return journey he missed penning in at Selby, then missed Goole and ended up on the Humber being rescued by Humber Rescue and being towed to South Ferriby.

This award is now given to the member with the smallest boat being the most active during the year.

Brightside Trophy    -   (Boating mishaps)

This was given by Bill Peace. It is an award for the little things that we do like….  when you’ve just finished painting the hull, you step back to admire your work and find you have run out of mooring….

White Heather    -   (Longest Inland Cruise)

This award was presented by Charlie Wagstaff who was a founder member of SYBC (Heck) and later SIBC.  Although crippled with arthritis, Charlie cruised extensively, always accompanied by his lady friend Alice, and regularly cruised to the Thames.  Charlie had connections that enabled Members to purchase all manner of chandlery items (e.g. Paloma Boilers) at attractive prices. Charlie was a wise sage.  

When advancing years and arthritis ended his cruising days he magnanimously handed over the keys to ‘WHITE HEATHER’ to Ron and Margaret Parker who had shown him many kindnesses. Unfortunately Ron passed away in June 2014.

Tetley Trophy   -   (This is an Open Trophy allocated by the Awards Committee)

This award was given by Tetley Brewery and it was left to the awards committee to award it to a special act or event made by a group or single member.

Myra Shay    -   (Most Meritorious Voyage)

In the early days when trophies were scarce in number, at a Sheffield Boat Club dinner John Martin as SIBC’s Commodore, persuaded one of the Sheffield members to present the ‘new’ Club with an Awards trophy. That member did so under the name of his mother Myra Shay to encourage somewhat adventurous cruising from SIBC members.

This award is given to the person(s) who have the most adventurous or memorable voyage or those who have just completed something for the first time during a voyage – e.g. first time travelling on the Trent.

Gutteridge    -   (Ship’s Log)

David and May Gutteridge progressed from a small cruiser to a much longer Steel Cruiser which David equipped with a considerable number of stainless steel fittings as he had and operated a company specialising in that metal.

They were very keen on keeping excellent logs records but sadly as May’s eyesight worsened and her health deteriorated they had to cease cruising. After her death, David presented this trophy in remembrance of their happy years at SIBC. Solitary boating did not appeal to him and David’s membership ceased in the early 1990s.

This award is given to the best ‘story’ or ‘log’ of journeys or a single journey made during the year.

Klinkenberg  Trophy   -   (Best Maintained Mooring)

Keith Klinkenberg was one of the earliest members to take pride in the mooring allocated to him and to encourage fellow members to maintain better moorings. This trophy was certainly the forerunner to the annual inspection of moorings that takes place that, along with the regular monthly mooring inspections, determines the winner of the award.  Whether you have small or large pots, tubs or boarders you can be nominated for the all-year round maintenance of your mooring!

Danum Salver    -   (Most Promising New Member)

This award was presented by Carol and Bob Peace to be given to the Most Promising New Member and is awarded by the Commodore.

The Bracken Award

For many years it has been felt that some Associate Members have contributed to the well being and running of Strawberry Island and we have not been able to recognise their efforts at the Awards ceremony.  

The Bracken Award is to be awarded to the Associate Member/s who the members and Awards Committee feel have contributed to the Club over the last 12 months.

This new award has been donated by Life Members Bob and Janet Brackenbury